Financing Resources

The Dixie Business Center can provide assistance to new or expanding businesses in obtaining needed financing. A normal requirement for the business is that a well thought out business plan has been completed and that some collateral be available. A number of sources for small business financing are available.

Commercial Banks
A number of banks specialize in working with small businesses. They recognize the special needs of small businesses and are often willing to work to put together financing packages.

DEMCO Revolving Loan Fund
This program can finance up to 75% of a project, not to exceed $150,000. Most typical business activities are eligible for financing. Maximum term is 30 years with normal interest at the then current prime rate.

Louisiana Economic Development Corporation
This is a state agency within the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. The LEDC generally prefers to guarantee loans by commercial banks but is also authorized to make direct loans.

Specialized Agencies
A number of agencies can offer direct loans or loan guarantees. These agencies include Rural Development, the Small Business Administration and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture.

Venture Capital
Venture Capital is available through a variety of public and private sources. BIDCO's larger commercial banks and private investors offer venture capital and mezzanine financing.